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PADLE Questionnaire

  • We’re thrilled that you’re interested in becoming a Newave leader. Getting started begins with gaining conscious awareness of where you are now. To that end, we’ve created a thought-provoking questionnaire that will introduce you to our Newave PADLE model. This will give you astonishing insight into your leadership skills, which you can leverage in your growth and evolution as a new kind of leader.

    Upon completing the questionnaire, we’ll contact you to schedule a complimentary consultation to help you explore your results and how we can partner with you on your journey.

    Please take the time to sit with each question in a quiet, reflective environment. You will gain new insight into your awareness of self and how you can make a greater contribution in the lives of others.

  • (P) Primal Core – explore patterns that keep you stuck.

  • (A) Awareness – clarify changes you want to make but don’t quite know how.

  • (D) Declaration – commit to routines or practices that focus on self-care.

  • (L) Leadership – identify places in your life when you would like to step forward but don’t know how or don’t think you can.

  • (E) Extension – discover how to bring your best self forward with confidence, contribute to a group or community, and feel a sense of satisfaction.

  • By filling in this form you agree to let us contact you via the email address and phone number you provided.

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