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Women experience power differently and thereby lead differently. Tapping into the Newave PADLE coaching model empowers women to move forward individually and collectively.

For a select number of women, who want to fast track their results, we offer intensive one-on-one coaching packages. Individual coaching propels your leadership forward by helping you…

  • Embrace your body’s wisdom, your values, and your principles
  • Boldly participate in the social and political collective conversation
  • Lead with presence away from hierarchical, towards inclusive

Individual coaching allows you to make rapid progress towards your goals with personalized feedback, support, and accountability. This requires a commitment of at least six months with an investment ranging from $2100 – $3600. We coach via phone, video conference or, depending on location, in-person.

Take advantage of our 30-minute free consultation to help you decide if the PADLE model is for you and how we can best support your journey. To get started click here to fill out our brief questionnaire that will provide you with insight based on our PADLE model. Discover how, with our personalized feedback and coaching support, you can make rapid progress toward your goals.

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