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Choice Magazine, Female Power article

Choice Magazine

“Female Power – 9 Skills to Create a Supportive Community”

Published in, and reproduced with permission from, choice, the magazine of professional coaching

Louise Santiago, award-winning leader, university professor, Reiki master

Pieces of Grit Podcast Interview

Topics for Speaking Engagements and Interviews

  • Wake up!

    How to explore patterns that keep you stuck and increase awareness of changes you know you need to make but don’t know how.

  • Permission Granted

    How to finally commit to routines or practices that focus on self-care.

  • Step Up and Into Leadership

    How to bring your best self forward with confidence and contribute to a group or community.

Meet the Founders of Newave Leaders

Maria Connolly, somatic coach, psychotherapist and master NLP practitioner

Maria Connolly

I’m a Somatic psychotherapist and coach. I coach with the body in mind, which means understanding the way we have embodied ways of being, the way we move, walk, operate, and respond to others and events based on our earlier experiences. I also weave my Feldenkrais – “Awareness Through Movement” — training to support the mind-body connection, to move and perform more deliberately and resourcefully. I’m also an NLP master practitioner, integrating these skills and tools to help people achieve profound and lasting transformation.

Maria can be reached for an interview at 541-973-9673 or by email.

Louise Santiago, award-winning leader, university professor, Reiki master

Louise Santiago

I’m a leadership coach and the founder the Center for Learning Leaders, where leadership is intentional. I believe that leadership is innate in all people so I work to purposefully develop exceptional leaders. I’ve found many people simply need a little support to bring forward their internal leader. I love leading purpose-centered leadership events for both emerging and experienced leaders. I’m also a Reiki Master, integrating the belief that we have the tools to care for ourselves and others, we simply need to identify them and intentionally integrate them into our lives.

Louise can be reached for an interview at 510-520-5875 or by email.

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