Great Circle Community

The Great Circle Community

A safe space where your inner voice is welcomed and heard.

Join us for meaningful conversations —
for FREE.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic and all the serious repercussions,
it’s getting noisy out there!

You’re hearing doom and gloom from the media...

confusing information or downright misinformation from world leaders...

self-proclaimed experts telling you what to think and how to feel...

and maybe even voices of self-doubt about your ability to cope.

It’s time to give yourself a safe space to speak your truth and hear others do the same.

Newave Leaders is hosting The Great Circle Community to provide a safe harbor in the current storm for meaningful, heartfelt conversations between women.

Why a Great Circle?

Because we think it’s the perfect symbol of our global connection as women. According to National Geographic, a great circle is the largest circle that connects two points on a sphere. Around the world, we’re in this together, this is not a local problem, we need to think bigger than that.

“Circles create soothing space,
where even reticent people can
realize that their voice is welcome.”

- Margaret J. Wheatley

We’re inviting women from around the globe to join our circle to explore big ideas and out-of-the-box creative solutions. Let’s get inspired and nourished as we feed our leader within!

Held Free of Charge via Zoom!

Register and you’ll receive an email with information on how to join our live discussions.

1st and 3rd Fridays
2 pm PST


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Who Should Join?

Any woman, any age, any background, any career who is passionate about….

Leadership! Who feels the call to step up and lead the way to a brighter future for the next generation.

Resourcefulness! Who refuses to see herself as a victim and when she doesn’t have the answers asks for help.

Optimism! Views this current pandemic and any “crisis” as an opportunity to re-group, re-prioritize, and re-build.

Commitment! Is willing to do the necessary work to nurture her personal growth and continue evolving as a leader.

Conversations will be facilitated by Maria Connolly and Louise Santiago. We’re experienced coaches and the co-founders of Newave Leaders. Although we’ll introduce topics and challenge you to think differently, these will be YOUR conversations based on what you need to say and hear within a community of women who care about each other and the world we call home.

There is no cost to participate, so please tell your friends to join us.

We welcome you to our Great Circle!
Maria & Louise

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The Great Circle Community — A safe space where your inner voice is welcomed and heard. Tired of all the rhetoric and noise? Become part of the solution and join Louise and Maria for meaningful conversations. Membership is free. Learn more today

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