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How do female leaders make a difference in your life — what do their achievements as leaders mean for you in terms of what you want to do in this world?

Newave Leaders Make a Difference — Are You Ready to Make Your Mark on the World?

“The individual woman is required…a thousand times a day to choose either to accept her appointed role and thereby rescue her good disposition out of the wreckage of her self-respect, or else follow an independent line of behavior and rescue her self-respect out of the wreckage of her good disposition.” ~ Jeannette Rankin, first female in the House of Representatives, appointed in 1917.

Aren’t you glad we no longer live in a world such as Jeannette Rankin did, where a woman’s self-respect is sacrificed in order to keep her “place”? We’re reaping the benefits of the hard work of women who blazed new trails in leadership. The new wave of female leaders is bringing their life-changing brand of power to all areas of government and the business arena.

In our lifetime, we’ve seen milestones for women in leadership roles. 1981 brought us the first Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Currently there are three women Justices – Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and newly appointed Amy Coney Barrett.

2020 closes out with 26 women serving in the U.S. Senate and 101 women in the House of Representatives. The first female Senator, Rebecca Felton was appointed in 1922. During her short term she said, “When the women of the country come in and sit with you,…you will get ability, you will get integrity of purpose, you will get exalted patriotism, and you will get unstinted usefulness.” We wholeheartedly agree with this!

We could go on talking about our new woman Vice President-elect here in the US and all the women leading countries and major industries today. This brief glimpse into the history of women in leadership roles inspires us to play our part in leading you to claim your place in the world today. 

No, we don’t expect all Newave Leaders to make their mark in politics. If that’s your passion, we support you! We believe in women finding their unique place in the world — running your own business, writing a book, coaching your community — and doing it with style, grace and ease. Perhaps future generations will be reading about you and the contribution you’ve made!

What does it mean for our world that so many women are attaining leadership roles?

We believe it means something better. Women don’t tend to take their leadership positions, or the people they lead, for granted because their leadership is their passion and they’ve worked hard to prove themselves worthy. They use their unique perspective and capacity for compassion and empathy as they strive for community advancement. They work out compromises and stand up for what they believe in. They serve as excellent role models in civil and respectful interaction.

Do you want to do power different? Are you ready to break out and do something more meaningful with your life? Newave Leaders make a difference when they…

Focus on solutions, not on differences.  It’s not so important who gets the credit as is it that the problem is solved. Without the masculine ego, women more easily cross party lines or social/economic divides to find common ground.

See the person behind the problem. Compassion for the person prompts female lawmakers to advocate for policies that support the well-being of individuals, whether it’s education, health, or domestic abuse of either men or women.

Promote reconciliation, but not at the cost of stability. Women who are Newave Leaders are tough enough to make the hard decisions to preserve human rights, while anticipating the long-term consequences of such actions.

How is your life impacted, as more women claim leadership roles?  What does it mean for you in terms of what you want to do in this world — does it give you more hope, skepticism, excitement, fear?

There are still many challenges for women leaders to overcome. What’s your current challenge? Please share it with us. We’d also love to hear how women leaders of today inspire you. Please join our private Great Circle Community on Facebook to continue this discussion. If you’re a woman who wants to be one of the leaders who make a difference, we’re here to support you all the way.

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