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Highlights from our 2018 Women’s Retreat in Mindo, Ecuador

Highlights from Our 2018 Women’s Retreat in Mindo, Ecuador

Last September, we were lucky enough to be in Mindo Ecuador, for our first Women: Bring Forth the Leader Within retreat. We were privileged to work with a group of women from all over the world. It was so inspiring to talk with them about what it’s like to be women in today’s world and how we got to be where we were. We also had plenty of time for some fun. That’s Maria on the zip line!

As women, when we’re feeling safe and encouraged, we can really express from a place of our deeper and higher self. When we operate from this place, we can deepen our impact in the world, as mothers, as sisters, as friends, as colleagues and as leaders. This opportunity gives us a chance to exercise our leader power and deepen our impact.

Would you like a sneak peek into one of our Retreat activities?

We call it “DIAL.” It will give you an opportunity to dial in to what’s really going on and what your higher self is really asking you to do. Please listen to this video, as Maria explains how “DIAL” works:

As Newave Leaders, we do power different. Why not join us for our 2019 women’s retreat – Women: Bring Forth the Leader Within. For five fabulous days, you’ll have the opportunity to intentionally deliberate about and align your ideas with who your higher self is telling you to be. You’ll come back with a plan that allows you to lead as only you can lead!

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