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Too often our dreams remain just dreams. We push them into a drawer and try to forget them. It’s time to bring your big dream to life!

What Is Your Big Dream?

What is the biggest dream you have for yourself? Is it to travel the world? Is it to be the first person in your family to start her own business?  Is it to start a new program in your local community? Is it to make a difference in the lives of women in third-world countries? Do you dream of being a leader who innovates beneficial change?

Too often our dreams remain just dreams. We push our dreams off into a drawer and try to forget them. But some dreams just won’t let us forget them.

Recently we attended a conference that was attended by some 2000 people. It was inspiring to feel that synergy! People came to have the big conversation about being mindful, being heartful, and being connected.

We know from this and other experiences that going on a retreat, going away, really taking time to reorganize, regenerate and re-evaluate helps us tap into our creativity in such a tremendous and impactful way.

We’re creating a similar, but more intimate experience for you at Newave Leaders. We’re creating a place you can come to have the big conversation. We give you the opportunity to come and dream your biggest dream, your biggest goal.

 So think about it right now. Do you have a dream you want to think out of the drawer?

On this video, Louise shares her biggest dream:

What is your big dream?

Use that dream to fuel a better life for yourself. Join us for our 2019 women’s retreat – Women: Bring Forth the Leader Within. For five fabulous days, you’ll have the opportunity to pin down the concrete steps you need to take to make your dream into a reality. You’ll walk away with a plan, a clear mission. You’ll know why that dream is so important and why it continues to stay in that drawer and remind you of its presence. You’ll come back ready to share and move forward.

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