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When you add resourceful routines and systems to your life you can do amazing things!

Why Resourceful Routines and Systems Are Better Than Resolutions

“By being systems oriented, I felt myself growing more capable every day, no matter the fate of the project I happened to be working on.” ~ Scott Adams

Have you noticed how many goals and resolutions are based on not liking yourself? Most New Year’s Resolutions are approached from a scarcity mentality based upon negative thinking…”I’m not skinny enough; I’m not smart enough; I don’t have enough money; I don’t have the life I want to live”? This can be so discouraging! The thing you dislike about yourself can easily overshadow all of the wonderful things you are.

After all, a resolution or goal is a closed-end objective that may occur sometime in the future. It works outside of the reality of who you are today because if you were that person, you wouldn’t be making that goal.

And with a goal or resolution, you either make it or you don’t. If you don’t make it, your brain may register it as a “failure.” If you do make it, you can celebrate the victory, and you have to make a new goal to keep moving forward.

We have discovered that our yummiest transitions occur when we create and live with resourceful systems and routines. This is so powerful! It allows you to be happy with yourself today, because you accomplish what you intend to do — you followed your system! When you adopt this different perspective, you’ll see a substantial shift in your ability to maintain your personal energy and power.

Systems work because you do them consistently. They embody your values, beliefs, and vision. For example, Maria has a system for exercising at the gym with her CrossFit group. Did she start out with the goal of attending an international competition like the Cross Fit Open? Far from it! Her system is to get up early, make her bed (yes, this ‘little thing’ is important, because it creates structure in her life), show up at the gym, and push herself to the next level when she was ready. She chooses to only consume things (physically and mentally) that make her feel good. And guess what? She competed on an international level at the 2019 CrossFit Open! (Read more about this on her website.) Her system for healthy living got her to where she never dreamed it was possible to go.

Life is a journey that’s supported by individual habits, which form routines, that either support you or they don’t.

A woman has to be fierce to live fully in today’s world. She has to make smart choices and have grit!  She routinely does things that nourish, support, and empower her. She has a good health regime — eating what makes her feel energized, strengthening herself through exercise and restorative sleep. She’s mindfully aware of her accomplishments and is proud of what she’s achieved. She feeds her mind and spirit on things that keep her up-to-date in her chosen profession, as well as, inspired and motivated.

Are you that woman deep inside, but external forces have sidetracked you from bringing forth that powerful person from within? Has life brought you down, and you need to be lifted up again? Then we urge you to mindfully and intentionally start today! Make resourceful routines and systems your go-to way of being. Here are some things to remember as you do this:

  1. Do small things well, instead of one thing not so well.
  2. Learn from past resolutions and see what’s working and what’s not working.  
  3. Review your mission and stay true to it.
  4. Mindfully look over the past and acknowledge each small win and CELEBRATE!
  5. Intentionally build toward a big goal over time.

Resourceful routines and systems are based on who you are, not on who you think you’re supposed to be. You can use intentions to tweak who you are and get yourself back into balance. For example, if you intend to be happier, you’ll feel and express gratitude. If you intend to be healthier, you’ll choose to do things that give you energy. Intentions are grounded in the present and they honor your effort and the process, not just results.

A number of years ago, we set the intention to empower women via an annual retreat. From that day forward, we established systems for getting all the pieces pulled together. There were times we didn’t think it would happen. But by taking one step at a time, we’ve now conducted a number of annual retreats. If we can achieve our dreams, so can you! We invite you to join us for our upcoming Bring Forth the Leader Within retreat. You’ll be able to tap into your wisdom and experience and we’ll help you hear your own inner wisdom more clearly so you can design the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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