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profound new challenges are compelling women to rise up and question whether the “normal” hierarchical approach is really the most effective.

Are you Ready for a New Wave of Leadership?

“While we may be individually strong, we are collectively powerful.” — Rakhi Voria, Worldwide Inside Sales Business Manager with Microsoft

For millennium, leadership has been based on a hierarchical model. The “normal” structure of leadership, where a few have power and control over the many, is deeply ingrained and widespread. As a result, many women have never examined their own leadership skills in the light of a more expansive and collaborative approach. However, profound new challenges are compelling women to rise up and question whether the “normal” approach is really the most effective.

We wholeheartedly believe that leadership is an innate ability of every woman.

As women born in the 20th century and paving the way in the 21st, we’ve both been on journeys to discover our own unique brand of leadership. We met in 2016 at a coach development event that was a turning point in both of our lives. We became great personal and professional friends and realized that in collaboration we can make an even bigger impact than we can on our own.

Every woman has the ability to be a leader on her own terms. Rather than using traditional models, we invite women to be part of a new, more collaborative approach to leadership. Newave Leaders was born in an effort to harness the collective power of women to make a positive impact on our personal lives, careers, families, communities, and eventually create a wave big enough to make a difference in our world.

Do you feel like you’re making a difference as an authentic and inspirational leader?

We believe that growth is intentional and requires consistency. If you see room for improvement, don’t be discouraged. In fact, that’s a good sign because leaders are never content with the status quo; they’re committed to growth. The truth is who you are today isn’t who you were last year, nor does it have to be who you will be tomorrow. Your strengths and weaknesses may be attributed to genetics or the surroundings you grew up in, however you can choose to become the leader you want to be.

Propel Forward with the PADLE Model

The truth is, even though leadership is an innate part of us, it can lay dormant, buried, disguised, or unappreciated. So the first step is to gain conscious awareness of self. Strong self-awareness allows you to be present in the reality of now, which maximizes your ability to grow as you unfurl your unique brand of leadership.

If you want to gain more awareness that you can leverage in your growth as a leader, we’d like to introduce you to our PADLE model. The PADLE model is a five-step process where you can:

(P) Primal Core – explore patterns that keep you stuck.

(A) Awareness – clarify changes you want to make but don’t quite know how.

(D) Declaration – commit to routines or practices that focus on self-care.

(L) Leadership – identify places in your life when you would like to step forward but don’t know how or don’t think you can.

(E) Extension – discover how to bring your best self forward with confidence, contribute to a group or community, and feel a sense of satisfaction.

If you’re ready to gain insight into your leadership skills, take our thought-provoking questionnaire that will further introduce you to our Newave PADLE model. This brief questionnaire will give you astonishing insight into your leadership skills, which you can leverage in your growth and evolution as a new kind of leader.

We’re ready to make a difference in our lives, in our communities, and in the world. How about you?

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