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Harness the Eddies in the Stream of Life to Breakthrough to the Next Level

Harness the Eddies in the Stream of Life to Break Through to the Next Level

Nature demonstrates that water must be in motion to remain healthy. No doubt you’ve seen a stagnant puddle or pond – not appealing at all! Since we’re composed of 60+% water, it only makes sense that we feel better when we aren’t stagnant.

But being in motion is not enough. Even in fast-moving streams there are eddies that collect driftwood or other types of debris. You, also, may get caught in the eddies in the stream of life. These eddies slow you down; and sometimes you can get stuck in a mini-whirlpool. You may feel like your life is spinning out of control, and you can’t stop it. Or you feel so busy, but at the same time, you know you’re going nowhere.

Perhaps you’ve experienced one of these natural eddies:

  • I can’t start my own company – I need a regular job to pay the bills.
  • I don’t have the time, skills, or money for marketing.
  • I have so many competing commitments, how can I fit one more thing in?
  • If I’m on my own, can I do what it takes to sustain my own work?

We, as Newave Leaders, understand those conflicting states. We too have felt them in the process of launching ourselves, of finding and fulfilling our vision, of creating something new. We continue to face many challenges that hold us back, that keep us stuck. Whether it’s the nagging self-doubt over our competence or feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, we get sucked into our eddies, those swirling pools where self-confidence is limited.

There is good news! In the ocean, the swirling motion of eddies cause nutrients that are normally found in colder, deeper waters to rise. That provides food for creatures that live near the surface.  What’s swirling below the surface of your eddy, and how can you use it to breakthrough to your next stage?

Progress happens in stages. When you use those eddies to slow down, reflect, and regroup, they become opportunities, not barriers. Take the opportunity of pausing in your eddy, to summon your internal capacity and call forth the outer support to swim out of that eddy!

We believe that eddies provide opportunities for growth. Take advantage of our 30-minute free consultation to learn how we can support your journey as a leader. Or join us on our next Women: Bring Forth the Leader Within retreat where a group of fiercely determined women will work together to make a difference.

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