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Empower women build trust and don’t need to control everything. They recognize the talent of the team and encourage each to see opportunities, not barriers.

Empowering Women Lead with Trust and Cooperation, Rather Than Fear

Have you noticed as you watch the news how many leaders are exploiting others with antiquated leadership models, like “it’s my way or the highway”? Isn’t that leadership model based on a shaky foundation of fear and obsessive control? As a result, creativity and innovation are stifled, which can sound the death knell for businesses, organizations and even governments in today’s fast-paced world.

However, we also see a very promising trend…we’re seeing the new paradigm of community emerging — one based on trust and cooperation. Leaders are guiding from alongside or behind, which is an effective and more feminine model of leadership.

Women around the globe are becoming fierce leaders who are making a difference. When empowering women lead they do it very differently. Women are organized around care and compassion, fairness and justice. Often, when women are at the round table, the conversation is about how all can benefit. 

Historically, we have had male models of almost everything. That led to a misconception of how leadership should be. Now that there are more women in many types of leadership roles we have the opportunity to offer new models, move beyond models that no longer work, and bring a sense of wholeness or balance to the world of leadership that has long been lacking. We see a solution in women, in the distinct way women use power. Women’s leadership is a force that can and must be harnessed for the global good.

However, it’s not just empowering women who are embracing this style of leadership. Many men are seeing the advantage of adopting this more feminine, caring style of leadership. They see the benefits of focusing more on people rather than on the numbers.

Any organization built upon trust and security, instead of fear or authority will be more stable as each member is appreciated and is working toward a common goal. It creates a powerful synergy where the group accomplishes more together than they ever could as individuals alone.

 Like parenthood, leadership is about putting your staff or team before your own interests, being willing to sacrifice yourself for your people. It means being a good listener first, and then a good communicator who understands each individual. For example, empowering women know that Millennials especially want to be given the freedom to experiment, a voice within their organization, and the ability to pursue what they view as meaningful work. They want to feel challenged. Anything less they view as limiting.

It’s time to shed the old-fashioned view of “the boss” and start influencing others by coaching and leading them.

Empowering women don’t need to control everything. They recognize the talent of the team, and they encourage the most qualified person to run with a project or initiative. They step out of the way and guide from the background, when needed.

It’s more important to build solid relationships within your organization than “getting the job done” at the expense of your team cohesion. It’s not always easy to effectively resolve conflict among a diverse group of people, but if you show you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and work alongside them, or you’re willing to fill in for them when necessary, that goes a long way to building a “collaborative, family feeling.” This approach fosters a spirit of understanding, communication, motivation, and even a sense of humor.

Coaching is one of the best ways to encourage your team to bring out their own abilities and find their own solutions. They learn to move past mental blocks and limiting beliefs to achieve things that they otherwise wouldn’t have seen as possible.

Imagine leading a team where everyone sees opportunities rather than barriers and each member is valued for their limitless potential. This is possible when empowering leaders train themselves and their leadership teams in the art of coaching.

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