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As Newave Leaders, we want to help you bring forth the leader within. In this video we explain our mission to help you bring your amazing ideas to life as you bring forth the leader within

Bring Forth the Leader Within – The Newave Leaders Mission

As Newave Leaders, we (Louise Santiago and Maria Connolly) want to share our mission with you. We have a passion for educating, inspiring, and empowering women to intentionally develop their authentic presence, core values, attitudes and skills that are the foundation of high-performance leadership.

Our goal is to develop intentional leaders. A key to gaining greater clarity is to develop a greater understanding of your shape somatically. What do we mean by “your shape”?

View our short video below where we share how your shape is the totality of your experience: the stories you have about yourself, about other people, and about the world. And how your shape directly impacts whether or not you can step into the next phase of your life.

We approach leadership development in a new way. Would you like to catch this new wave of leadership? We invite you to join us for our upcoming retreat, Bring Forth the Leader Within. Within five fabulous days, you’ll know exactly how to bring your amazing ideas to life.

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