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Transform your life and your business by learning to be intentional in all aspects of your life and career choices, actions, speech, demeanor and appearance

Be Intentional – The Key to Extraordinary Leadership in Business & Life

Visionary leaders know how to be intentional. That’s really their secret for success! The good news is that everyone, especially those interested in a new wave of leadership, can learn how to be intentional. When you master this skill, you’ll gain unflappable self-confidence and a tremendous sense of freedom, because you’ll be more likely to make choices and act in harmony with your dreamspurpose, and primal core — the things that make you unique.

At Newave Leaders, our mission is to develop intentional leaders. It takes time and focused effort to learn how to be intentional in the big areas of life. Too often, we’re shaped by others in ways that don’t serve our higher purpose, so it’s beneficial to learn how to reset who you’re being, to bring forth the leader within.

What does it mean to be intentional? We’d like you to consider how you respond to the following questions to identify where you’d like to be more intentional and deliberate in your daily actions and choices. Notice which ones you’ve taken constructive ownership of and which ones you allow to just happen…

Be intentional about your self-care. 

  • Do you have basic routines around well-being?
  • Have you set boundaries that honor your strengths and your limits?
  • What activities, situations, and people  fuel your energy?  
  • What takes your energy away?
  • Are you making time for rest, relaxation, and fun? 
  • Are you mindful about who and what you say “yes” to? 
  • What is your criteria for saying “yes”? 
  • How do you hold yourself accountable to that criteria? 
  • How often do you revisit your purpose and bring it to the front of your thoughts? 

Be intentional about your associations.

  • What do you participate in?
  • Who do you  associate yourself with?
  • Do your associates build your name and reputation?
  • Is the amount of time you spend with your associates productive? 
  • Do your associates promote what you stand for, respecting your values?

Be intentional consistently.

  • Do you set an intention and then expect it to continue on its own?
  • How do you handle distractions?
  • What keeps you from saying “No”? 
  • What less important pieces of work or life are you allowing to take up more time and energy than necessary?
  • Are you fully self-aware of how your actions, speech, and appearance signal your  message?
  • Do you track your progress, so you don’t ever lose sight of how far you’ve come?

By being intentional in all aspects of life, we give focused energy to our purpose. For example,  we at Newave Leaders (Maria Connolly and Louise Santiago) check in regularly about how we feel about our work together, our thoughts about our collaboration, and our individual and shared energy. We love it when we can say “YES!”  We intentionally choose to put our energies into these moments, as they feed us, which in turn, gives us energy to share with others.

We invite you to take advantage of our 30-minute consultation to see if partnering with us is a good fit that enables you to fully be intentional in your life and in your leadership. 

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