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Your Primal Core is how you embody your personal history, ideas, beliefs and limitations, which, in turn, form patterns that are responsible for keep you stuck.

Understand Your Primal Core to Unfurl Your Leadership

“Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

How far can you see? Can you see endless possibilities for yourself? Can you see yourself leading amazing and life-altering opportunities? Or when presented with an opportunity do you say to yourself, “I can’t see myself doing that!?” If that’s your default answer, have you considered that your Primal Core is narrowing your scope as a leader?

What is your Primal Core? It’s about your historical embodiment — how you embody your personal history, ideas, beliefs and limitations. They, in turn, form your habits or patterns, which often are responsible for keep you stuck, because they trigger negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, the fight-or-flight response, fear, stress, doubt, or anxiety. Without even consciously knowing why, you find yourself doing the same thing — falling for the same kind of guy, getting passed over for promotion, having the same argument, or eating that tub of ice cream, when you really don’t want it — over and over again.

The development of your primal core begins in childhood. Out of certain life events, you develop beliefs about yourself, others, and the world at large. You make up your mind about these things as a child, with your limited ability to understand, to abstract, and to have ample perspectives. You create a story because, as humans, we like to make sense of things by categorizing, labeling and cataloging.

As the years go by, you embody your story. Your primal core shows up in muscle tone, posture, movement patterns and energy flow. It orientates you to certain perceptions, actions, and reactions and it certainly impacts your potential for leadership. You can’t separate your thoughts from your body — they are connected. You can’t separate your emotions from your body — they are connected. We thrive on being centered as a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual person.

What level of awareness would you say you have when it comes to your primal core?
What are your core thoughts, core values, core beliefs, core strengths, core muscles, which inform who you are at your very center?

It’s all too easy to be working within a limited lens of future opportunities because you’re unaware of your primal core. On the other hand, with awareness comes freedom! You can unfurl your own unique brand of leadership when you understand how to connect your body/mind/emotions/spirit as collaborative partners.
Are you ready to enhance your awareness of your Primal Core? Understanding your Primal Core is the first step of our Newave PADLE leadership model. We invite you to take our thought-provoking questionnaire where you’ll gain astonishing insight into your Primal Core and four other leadership skills, which you can then leverage in your growth and evolution as a new kind of leader.

Harness the Eddies in the Stream of Life to Breakthrough to the Next Level

Harness the Eddies in the Stream of Life to Break Through to the Next Level

Nature demonstrates that water must be in motion to remain healthy. No doubt you’ve seen a stagnant puddle or pond – not appealing at all! Since we’re composed of 60+% water, it only makes sense that we feel better when we aren’t stagnant.

But being in motion is not enough. Even in fast-moving streams there are eddies that collect driftwood or other types of debris. You, also, may get caught in the eddies in the stream of life. These eddies slow you down; and sometimes you can get stuck in a mini-whirlpool. You may feel like your life is spinning out of control, and you can’t stop it. Or you feel so busy, but at the same time, you know you’re going nowhere.

Perhaps you’ve experienced one of these natural eddies:

  • I can’t start my own company – I need a regular job to pay the bills.
  • I don’t have the time, skills, or money for marketing.
  • I have so many competing commitments, how can I fit one more thing in?
  • If I’m on my own, can I do what it takes to sustain my own work?

We, as Newave Leaders, understand those conflicting states. We too have felt them in the process of launching ourselves, of finding and fulfilling our vision, of creating something new. We continue to face many challenges that hold us back, that keep us stuck. Whether it’s the nagging self-doubt over our competence or feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, we get sucked into our eddies, those swirling pools where self-confidence is limited.

There is good news! In the ocean, the swirling motion of eddies cause nutrients that are normally found in colder, deeper waters to rise. That provides food for creatures that live near the surface.  What’s swirling below the surface of your eddy, and how can you use it to breakthrough to your next stage?

Progress happens in stages. When you use those eddies to slow down, reflect, and regroup, they become opportunities, not barriers. Take the opportunity of pausing in your eddy, to summon your internal capacity and call forth the outer support to swim out of that eddy!

We believe that eddies provide opportunities for growth. Take advantage of our 30-minute free consultation to learn how we can support your journey as a leader. Or join us on our next Women: Bring Forth the Leader Within retreat where a group of fiercely determined women will work together to make a difference.

Too often our dreams remain just dreams. We push them into a drawer and try to forget them. It’s time to bring your big dream to life!

What Is Your Big Dream?

What is the biggest dream you have for yourself? Is it to travel the world? Is it to be the first person in your family to start her own business?  Is it to start a new program in your local community? Is it to make a difference in the lives of women in third-world countries? Do you dream of being a leader who innovates beneficial change?

Too often our dreams remain just dreams. We push our dreams off into a drawer and try to forget them. But some dreams just won’t let us forget them.

Recently we attended a conference that was attended by some 2000 people. It was inspiring to feel that synergy! People came to have the big conversation about being mindful, being heartful, and being connected.

We know from this and other experiences that going on a retreat, going away, really taking time to reorganize, regenerate and re-evaluate helps us tap into our creativity in such a tremendous and impactful way.

We’re creating a similar, but more intimate experience for you at Newave Leaders. We’re creating a place you can come to have the big conversation. We give you the opportunity to come and dream your biggest dream, your biggest goal.

 So think about it right now. Do you have a dream you want to think out of the drawer?

On this video, Louise shares her biggest dream:

What is your big dream?

Use that dream to fuel a better life for yourself. Join us for our 2019 women’s retreat – Women: Bring Forth the Leader Within. For five fabulous days, you’ll have the opportunity to pin down the concrete steps you need to take to make your dream into a reality. You’ll walk away with a plan, a clear mission. You’ll know why that dream is so important and why it continues to stay in that drawer and remind you of its presence. You’ll come back ready to share and move forward.

Highlights from our 2018 Women’s Retreat in Mindo, Ecuador

Highlights from Our 2018 Women’s Retreat in Mindo, Ecuador

Last September, we were lucky enough to be in Mindo Ecuador, for our first Women: Bring Forth the Leader Within retreat. We were privileged to work with a group of women from all over the world. It was so inspiring to talk with them about what it’s like to be women in today’s world and how we got to be where we were. We also had plenty of time for some fun. That’s Maria on the zip line!

As women, when we’re feeling safe and encouraged, we can really express from a place of our deeper and higher self. When we operate from this place, we can deepen our impact in the world, as mothers, as sisters, as friends, as colleagues and as leaders. This opportunity gives us a chance to exercise our leader power and deepen our impact.

Would you like a sneak peek into one of our Retreat activities?

We call it “DIAL.” It will give you an opportunity to dial in to what’s really going on and what your higher self is really asking you to do. Please listen to this video, as Maria explains how “DIAL” works:

As Newave Leaders, we do power different. Why not join us for our 2019 women’s retreat – Women: Bring Forth the Leader Within. For five fabulous days, you’ll have the opportunity to intentionally deliberate about and align your ideas with who your higher self is telling you to be. You’ll come back with a plan that allows you to lead as only you can lead!

Women are fierce leaders. Fierce women know themselves. They speak the truth and use their wisdom to inspire others and do great things.

Women Are Fierce Leaders Who Make a Difference!

“Our power as individuals is multiplied when we gather together as families, teams, and communities with common goals.” ~ Susan Scott

Are you fiercely passionate about your purpose in life, as a leader in your family, community, career, and the world? Do you want to make a difference? Then you’re in the right place!

As Newave Leaders, our mission is to help you become a leader who intentionally develops your authentic presence, core values, and skills. These are foundational for becoming a  high-performance leader in today’s world. With that in mind, we have coined an acronym – F.L.O.W. – to help you focus on key building blocks for bringing your leader forward. The first one is: F stands for Fierce.

Women are fierce leaders. Leadership today requires a level of fierceness. Being a leader involves a journey of recognizing your leader within, of testing your new leader self, of identifying new perspectives and questions that come from evolving, as a leader. Fierce women know themselves. They speak the truth and use their wisdom to inspire others and do great things. It’s not just about us leading ourselves; it’s about us leading others in the way forward in this new world.

What does your fierceness look like?

In this video Maria shares when she is most fierce. Please watch it a see if you can relate to what she says. You’ll also get a glimpse into Maria’s outstanding Tea and Scones Exercise!

We’d love to hear when are you fierce. Please visit Louise’s Facebook page or Maria’s Facebook page and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

Would you like to know how to use your passion and uncover a plan that leads you exactly where you want to be in life? We invite you to join us for our upcoming retreat, Bring Forth the Leader Within. When you return from this retreat, you’ll be renewed, re-energized, PLUS you’ll have a plan ready to launch so that your leader within can continue to develop.

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