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About Newave Leaders

Maria Connolly, somatic coach, psychotherapist and master NLP practitioner

Maria Connolly is a somatic coach, a clinical psychotherapist, and a Master NLP Practitioner.

Louise Santiago, award-winning leader, university professor, Reiki master

Louise Santiago is an award-winning leader, university professor, and Reiki master.

We’ve joined forces to educate, inspire, and empower women to intentionally develop their authentic presence, core values, attitudes, and skills that are the foundation of high-performance leadership. Our eclectic blend of experience and training help us harness the awareness of body, mind, and heart to empower women to develop into Newave Leaders. We do that through our Women’s Retreat, Individual Coaching, and additional Training Events.

If you want to gain more awareness that you can leverage in your growth as a leader, we’d like to introduce you to our PADLE model. The PADLE model is a five-step process where you can:

(P) Primal Core – explore patterns that keep you stuck.

(A) Awareness – clarify changes you want to make but don’t quite know how.

(D) Declaration – commit to routines or practices that focus on self-care.

(L) Leadership – identify places in your life when you would like to step forward but don’t know how or don’t think you can.

(E) Extension – discover how to bring your best self forward with confidence, contribute to a group or community, and feel a sense of satisfaction.

Take advantage or our 30-minute free consultation to help you decide if the PADLE model is for you and how we can best support your journey. To get started click here to fill out our brief questionnaire that will provide you with insight into your awareness of self and how you can make a greater contribution to the lives of others.

9 Fundamental Principles of
Newave Leaders…


  • We support the development of the whole person.
  • We invite individuals to share their whole and true self.


  • We believe in supporting others exactly where they are at any given moment.
  • We are strong, dynamic individuals.


  • We have choices once we recognize a thought, feeling, or action.
  • In any event or experience, we have more choices than appear to be available.


  • We recognize that every individual has a unique model of the world.
  • We integrate our past experiences to inform our future.


  • We recognize that we are committed to what we have.
  • Actions are both conscious and unconscious.


  • We take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.
  • We move forward from a place of responsibility.


  • We’re willing to shift position and perspective to increase our choice.
  • We attune to the world of possibility and create effective steps to get there.


  • We develop effective communication with self and others.
  • We become fully conscious of thoughts, feelings, and environment.


  • We understand that where we are is the result of our present commitment.
  • We acknowledge change occurs through our conscious cultivation of new practices.

We believe everyone is on the road to transformation and we would love the opportunity to be catalysts in that process. Begin your journey of growth and transformation with our questionnaire or contact us today.

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